Thursday, February 12, 2009

And... Switzerland

Ok, let me explain why I'm here. I'm a very big sports fan but I will admit right now that my first love is not basketball. It is actually baseball, but I am also a big fan of basketball. Here's a list of my favorite teams so it is no secret to anyone where I'm coming from when I rip on teams and/or people.

NBA- New Orleans Hornets
NCAAB- North Carolina Tar Heels
MLB- Boston Red Sox
NHL- Calgary Flames
NCAAF- Michigan Wolverines

NFL- Jacksonville Jaguars

Anyone can see that I am in no way geographically loyal when it comes to sports nor have I ever put a lot of weight in tradition as is evident by my NBA and NFL fandom. I will probably be posting my thoughts on each of these teams at some point but because this is a basketball focused blog I will try as much as possible to keep my posts about basketball or at least something that somewhat has to do with basketball.
I am going to rip into my own favorite teams as well, in fact my next post is going to be about the New Orleans Hornets and their numerous problems.

To finish up here's a quick question: Does anyone else think that we may have been looking at a 30 point blowout if North Carolina didn't stop playing defense for the last 12 minutes of the first half against Duke last night?

P.S. - I am on a really big "Dexter" kick right now so at times I may quote the television show or use it for other purposes such as the title of this post. Also, read the first post if you want to know what this blog is all about because I could not have possibly said it any better nor would I ever try.

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